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• dedicated to victims of idiocy and assholery •

For all of our advancements we still feel lonely. Alienated.

This causes a suffering which is contagious but still curable.

Unkindness invites retaliation. Retaliation starts fights.

Habits condition your anger, fear and cravings. Victims crave revenge.

Crave new cravings. Compassion and redemption will be your antidote.

Imagine violence; you’re the victim, they’re evil. You deserve revenge.

Relief through retribution. This response is fine. Recognize you’re mad.

Slow down to transform emotions with time. Breathe. Remain still. Reclaim peace.

Stillness is a strength. Time gifts love and compassion.

Rage is conflict over care. Prosecution over preservation.

Unchecked anger kills. Look for anger’s source. See the lies behind your fear.

Embrace anger to understand. Awareness will free us from ourselves.

Your will can react without displacing the environment or peace.

Mindfulness is key. Will yourself to see anger. Inhale and exhale.

Don’t suppress; let go. Anger demands tenderness.

Don’t flee suffering. Stay with it, use it. Within suffering is life.

Without suffering is death. Suffering will end. Some may ask, but will it?

Good cultivates love. Can good people get angry? No gem is flawless.

Mind and heart define the good in our intentions. No one is perfect.

Fear multiplies obstacles. Hate is a quick fire. Love is a deep well.

Do not invite wrath. Do not tolerate anger without gentleness.

Impress people to be good. Some will offer hate. Hold onto your joy.

Refused gifts must be taken back. Anger is poison.

Anger is transformed through powerful gentleness. Be heard through hearing.

We make the first peace by embracing pain. Don’t fight your body’s defense.

Previous pain angers you. Why stand in front of pain’s transformations?

To understand is to hear. The ear reveals the pain from which we hide.

Meditate through listening. Breathe through the other. The ear restores peace.

Your pain must come first. Emotions are demanding. Listen to yourself.

Don’t judge or take breaks. Tolerate your thoughts before accepting others.

The ear lessens pain. Though the heart may speak incorrectly, still listen.

Mindfulness protects. Listening shines light on shadows so they vanish.

The ear liberates the tongue. Restore dialogue by being tactful.

Inspire joy and hope. Water wholesomeness. A calm voice travels further.

Practice loving speech. Anger binds the heart and soul. Free your voice to heal.

Love gifts kind words and actions. Don’t let pain steal your confidence and trust.

Speaking love is careful work. Audit your own will. The future is wide.

I am you are they. Potential resides beyond emotions and thoughts.

Do not react with anger, envy or despair. Breath and movement calms.

Protect the present from tomorrow’s dangers and yesterday’s poisons.

Anger too can grow with time, displacing kindness and silencing love.

Peace is a clear mind. Words reflect one’s thoughts. Take interest in your bias.

Attending to pain stimulates kindness and growth.

The enemy shares overwhelming pain. Truth precedes understanding.

Love is an embrace. Know you are needed. Who can be love’s enemy?

Pain is the enemy. Love easily. Practice love.

Conflict starts within thoughts and perceptions. The enemy is bias.

Informed love translates hate into understanding.

Truth is manipulated by your own desire. Intention provokes.

Victories that justify lies win a false peace.

Truth without skill is despair. Pain warrants silence. Curiosity-

is not a defense. Responsible truth. Loving wisdom will heal us.

Art requires limitations. Responsible men own their actions-

immediately without excuses. The interest of fault compounds.

Ownership is strength. Own your ignorance without justification.

Don’t obscure with excuses. Carelessness poisons the best intentions.

Don’t gift to receive. Don’t receive with empty hands.

Stillness is brilliance. Others reveal us. Self limits our awareness.

Bias displaces kindness. Without peace the mind is but a dull gem.

Tranquility is illuminating.

Stillness, not action, diffuses anger. Breathe; inhale peace, exhale stress.

Attempting to understand saves relationships.

Emotions obscure through fear and anger. Calmness returns clarity.

Obscured truth wavers. Clear truth will be fixed. Practice not hiding. Fix truth.

Breath will always protect you.

From poison comes medicine. Violent acts are unreliable.

Violence will weaken you. Actions carry debt habits will repay.

Nourish your heart everyday with a diet of love’s thoughts, words and deeds.

Suffering can’t feed itself. We consume culture. Violence must be starved.

Loss is cured through compassion. Understanding will alleviate pain.

The closed fist opens. Accept loss. It too exists.

Joy is the vintage of anger and suffering. All wine requires rot.

Distill compassion. Wisdom is the glass. The water will become wine.

The sweetest wines are your own. Do not discard pain. Lift your cup gently.

Drink life long and deep. Do not spill your pain. Revenge is a trembling hand.

Held within the way, poison on the lips will intoxicate the tongue.

The eye catches pain. Recognition is healing. Look at life with love.

Pain is generational. Family is strength. Age disarms both ways.

Fear exploits weakness before understanding forms. Tend to your garden.

Love will be smothered. Heroes die with disregard. Suffering transcends.

Lend strength across time. Insight is forged through the fires of recollection.

Fear dulls. Peace must precede love. Healing takes wisdom.

Peaceful awareness. By eliminating fear you restore yourself.

Peace grows as breath slows. Breathe into the now, effortless; within, without.

Our natural state is attentive friendship. Peaceful breath; in & out.

Love is dialogue. Recognize your shadow self. Responsible love.

Own the suffering you’ve caused through your own neglect. Error breeds regret.

Stay happy, joyful and free. Pain will ensnare the inexperienced.

Explore your desire. Honest communication cultivates our joy.

Explore yourself through others.

Victims exist in the now. With time we’re all bound by our suffering.

Inquiry without love hurts. To love is to know. Understanding love.

Recognition is the measurement of the heart. Sincerity heals.

Walls are overcome with words of healing. Winds of peace unite in time.

Regret is wisdom cut short. Time always remains. Guilt becomes wonder.

Finish your story. Love and gratitude transform within and without.

Belief controls life and death. Orphaned suffering always comes of age.

Responsibility will begin dialogue. Peace is inclusive.

Make space for others, they include your potential.

Bias fills fools first. Learn to stay empty. Beauty requires room to grow.

War empowers violence beyond all reason. Without is within.

Find your own voice to salvage compassion. Ask and listen inside out.

Life begins with breath. Inhale sensitivity, open the other.

Life is not your creation. Exhale thought to live.

Create families. Life will outpace suffering. Strength grows with your heart.

All of us share the same love.

We’re bound by pain without cause. Cages require keys. Fear’s a silent guard.

Recognition and insight will free you. Over time, neglect rusts locks.

Always start from clarity. Experiences demand accounting.

Secrecy feeds fear. You can only hide from joy.

Invest in peace before war. This prevents conflict. Incentivize love.

Unitary existence means that I am thou. All of us are us.

Give to me safety and pain. What is yours is mine. My smile is your own.

Nothing remains separate.

Anger moves faster than fear or the facts. Isolated pain is blind.

Love becomes invisible. Train to see yourself to see the other.

Heal yourself to heal others.

Three pails of water; breath holds awareness. This dilutes pain, changing it.

Voice carries recognition that there are others. Hearts need to be filled.

We thirst for wisdom. Share water not thirst. Offer refuge. Ask for love.

Love is the acorn planted which grows into the oak. Inhale. Exhale.

Communities can restore their own compassion. Alone we are weak.

All are a part of the whole. Hearts of healing can create a refuge.

Practice creating your own happiness. Wise words and acts will seed joy.

Learn from within and without. Learn how to make love. Live beautifully.

Creation transcends intent. Willpower fails where artfulness succeeds.

Awareness allows creativity to fill my life with beauty.

Neglect is suffering. Pain deserves attention, within and without.

Inward awareness. Compassion for those without.

Individuals constitute the world. Fear and anger transcend states.

Hate is perception. Bias is a dirty bomb. Secure peace through love.

Our errors and ignorance create suffering without prevention.

Winter cannot prevent spring. Failure sows wisdom. Life will find a way.

Harmony within will make peace without. Submission through submission.

Conquer others through yourself.

Peace through diligent caution. Wonder, not warfare, brings us together.

Change never changes. Loss will grow your heart. Permanence is mistaken.

Truth lapses when endangered. Mind and body fear. Exhale anxiousness.

Fear preys on movement. Inhale to achieve insight.

Suffering is contagious. Responsible love cultivates the cure.

Outbreaks propagate. We’re all infected- our homes and minds plagued with pain.

Inoculate the next generation. Quarantine current hatred.

Stockpile medicine. War is a disease. The time for the cure is now.

The world shares its wounds. Conflict hurts us all.

Peace on earth requires awareness from within to awareness without.

Allow your victims to heal. You’re your own victim. Face the pain within.

Prioritize suffering. Say that you’re sorry. Say you’ll do better.

This too shall pass.